How To Consign:

Appointment required on weekends. Upon the receipt of goods, the staff will evaluate to determine the condition and authenticity of the items. A minimum of 3 to 5 items are required to initiate a contract. Items that are not accepted can also be donated. We have a list of designers available as a reference. 
How price is determined. The Little Bird will determine the best price or fair market value (fmv) for all goods. We consider current retail, resale value and item condition. 
Contract length is a minimum of 90 days. The Little Bird returns goods to consignors twice a year. We may retain merchandise through a return period if there is cause to believe the item(s) will sell during the following months prior to next return period.
Sold Items. Each item sold will be paid out at 50% to consignor. The Little Bird issues checks on the 15th of every month, for prior month's sales. (I.e. Items sell in August, the consignor should expect a check in September) 
Please reach out to store directly with any questions regarding the consignment process